Tuesday, February 21, 2012

World War 1

Origin: News of the World, 22 de diciembre de 1918

Purpose:  This cartoon is a reflection of the childish actions of the German Kaiser Guillermo II who was exiled to Holland after the war and never returned.  He was seen as a coward for hiding out there until he died.  In this photo he is being scolded by what looks like a mother figure that represents the Allies.

Value: The value of this cartoon is that it shows how Guillermo II was seen by a large part of the world at that moment in time.  I looked at the dates and this cartoon was published a month after he was exiled.  This shows how quickly he was considered to be a coward.

Limitations:  The names "The Allies" and "Holland" are written in English.  This therefore limits the scope of this cartoon to the view of the British.  It would have been interesting to see the German take on this event.

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