Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"No sé por qué me la hacen limpiar si el día de las elecciones la tienen que ensuciar otra vez."
Origen: La esquella de la Torratxa 1915
Purpose: The man is implying that the elections are going to make that vase (or whatever he is holding) dirty again. It is a statement of how people didn't believe in the restoration and thought that elections were fraudulent.
Value: It lets us know that not everyone was sold on the current political structure at the time, which is fairly easy to know considering the turbulent political history of Spain.
Limitations: It is a broad attack on corruption, with no specific targets. It promotes general discontentment with the government without offering any solution, though what could the solution to fraudulent elections be anyway? Also, it doesn't say which elections are being held.

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