Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Origin: 1916 cartoon from the Daily Mirror (English)
Purpose: This cartoon is a representation of the Battle of Somme. In this cartoon, the face is of the German leader, the Kaiser, representing the Somme. The cartoon shows that the British army attacked with full force.
 Value: The Battle of Somme was known as one of bloodshed and sadness. In a sense, a punch to the nose may represent the blood. The real value that i get from this image is that Britain struck first and were just unable to get very far.
Limitations: A description of the Battle was given on the site, but no words or description of the meaning behind this image is clearly given. Therefore, much is left up to interpretation. Also, because this cartoon is published in an English newspaper, there is clear bias toward the strength and power given to the British Army.

After watching the movie in class, what do you think this image symbolizes?  

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