Thursday, February 16, 2012

Origen:This picture is from El Diario ABC de Madrid. It was published December 22 1919
Purpose: The Purpose seems to be a comment on Catalan independence.  The hat in the top picture the Barretina is a symbol on catalan identity. In the first picture the man looks friendly and then in the second cell he is far more sinister and he transforms the hat into a Gorro Frigio which is a symbol of liberty in Europe and was worn during the French Revolution. The Map behind him changes from a map of Spain and Portugal to a Map of separate nations in the Iberian Peninsula. The purpose is a commentary on the dangers of catalan independence.
Value: This shines light on the opinion of Spaniards who where against Catalan independence and independence of other autonomous communities.
Limitations: Its limitations are that it appeals to an audience who supports a unified spain and does not give more arguments as to why all of spain would split up sure to catalan independence

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