Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Origin: By Thomas Nast in 1873 in Harper's Weekly, after the Allianca affair.
Purpose: It expresses the author's opinion that the US should do something to end Spain's influence in Cuba. Hopes to draw up support with the anti Spanish cause.
Value: It shows the first instance of when Americans started to think of Spain as the aggressor in their relationship. This would be further and further built upon, until the Maine blew up. That was the final blow needed to ignite the people's desire for war.
Limitations: This cartoon was based on the story that the American steamer Allianca was fired upon, though there are valid accounts that the Spanish ship was firing blanks in order to stop the US ship for a search. Its limitations are the lack of facts to which the cartoon draws upon. However, its ironic since the whole war was also started with the explosion (who did it?) of the Maine.

How does the cartoon express the confidence American's had in their naval fleet?

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