Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Primo y Mussolini

Origen: ABC Madrid 25/11/1923
Purpose: To depict Primo de Rivera as a the caricature of the fat spaniard oligarch. It depicts him as fat and looking a little drunk. It appears to be a very subtle criticism of him because it doesn't make any outright negative statements and the picture is not too offensive. I think this is probably because Primo de Rivera just took power 2 months before.
Value: This shows us what one of the opinions of Primo de Rivera was in Madrid shortly after he took power. It seems that he was not immune to political commentary but that the newspapers needed to be cautious of what they said.
Limitations: This cartoon is limited in what it can tell us because the editors probably needed to be cautious about how much they criticized the new dictator. It does show that there might be a little more freedom of speech now than during the turno system for some publishers.

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