Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Origin:  Gedeón , 17-6-1904

Purpose:  This cartoon shows many major political figures in Spain fighting over  questions of Morocco (in a game of soccer). A major political figure, Fernando Leon y Castillo is in goal. The ball looks to be 'kicked' to the country.  The purpose is to show the opposing view points on the question of Morocco. 

Value: The value of this cartoon is that it shows that the major political figures all had different opinions on Morocco. However, the ball would be given to the country to decide what action will take place. Fernando Leon y Castillo is in goal as he was a key diplomat who eventually led to the Spanish intervention in North Africa.

Limitations:  A limitation of this political cartoon is the actual views of each political figure. However, those politicians wearing the same color, most likely share the same view point.

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