Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Defeat of Fascism

Origin: Altimira, The Esquella of Torratxa, 08/23/1936

Purpose: The purpose of the political cartoon is to symbolize the defeat of Nazi Germany, and also a defeat of fascism. The fight is a symbol of World War I, as the text underneath the picture says, 'Championship Match- the fight for the world title.'

Value: The whole world is watching the fight as Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini are all in the audience. It looks as if Stalin is happy with the result of Nazi Germany/ Fascism is being defeated. It is also valuable because it shows that the majority of the world is content with fascism being defeated and no longer threatening. The ideology may cause uprising and revolution within those countries and leaders do not want that.

Limitation: The magazine, The Esquella of Torratxa, is a republican and anticlerical biased magazine published in Barcelona. With the magazine being republican and anticlerical it may be a slightly biased cartoon. Also, the words that are on the 'winning' fighter's shorts is not clear and made provide some significance.

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