Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rural Town of Ezquioga

 "Long live the Virgin Mary! Death to the current regime! Long live the king
and the monarchy and Segura the Cardinal, the undefeated general
of our brotherhood!"
Origin: La Traca (Valencia), 29 August 1931
Purpose: Ezquioga is a small rural town in the Basque Country where the people are fighting against the republican ideas in the belief of saving the Catholic ways.
Value: The cartoon shows the people ready to defend their town, with a gun in hand and fists up in the air. The people are older, possibly suggesting that it was the older generation who were more conservative and pro-monarchy. Furthermore, the setting is clearly a very rural area, which correlates with the idea that the rural communities wanted to preserve the monarchy whilst the industrial cities were pro-republic.
Limitations: It is somewhat unclear whether the people are heading towards or away from the town and furthermore, this cartoon comes from Valencia, a city, where the view may be bias toward the depiction of this town and the Basque people.
Question: From what we've learned about the Basque people so far, why would they be pro-monarchy?

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