Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Right v Left

Origin: by Goiko from Adelante (Bilbao),  June 27 1931
Purpose: The single man represents a person fighting for the conservative and religious values of the rural Basque region, fighting against the massive city-men who are fighting for a republic.
Value: This cartoon emphasizes the separation between the left and right groups that continue to form and be emphasized throughout the 1930s, but furthermore shows the violence and intimidation between the two groups, which we know continues to create conflict for the government and Spain as one nation.
Limitation: The cartoon clearly seems to be bias toward the conservative right wing because the Basque man is depicted as strong and in control, whereas the other city-men are seen as smaller, older, angrier and less in control of the situation.
Question: How does this cartoon relate and suggest what comes next after the elections in 1931?

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