Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reading assignment for the week

I hope everybody did well on the exam and you found it reasonably challenging. I also hope that you enjoy todays holiday, Valencia, and the long-weekend. I will be not be in class next week as i am recovering from the surgery so i wanted to give you your assignment for the week. On top of working on your investigations, i want you to Read pages 224-242 in your reading packet. Begin with section V on 224 and for every roman numeral, I want you to produce a reflection (1-2 pages) of each section (V, VI, VII). The first is clearly longer so it requires a longer reflection.
The assignments will be turned in to me the day I
return to class which is going to be March 31st.


Quinn said...

With the utmost respect, I would like to state, that I feel that you are assigning an excessive amount of homework. Not only does the term paper require more work than most, if not all other classes that are offered by CIEE in Alicante, but you require us to complete additional assignments that are quite large. I understand that this reading and reflection is assigned because of us not having class, but I think it would have been better to have let us use this time to work on our investigations. The excessive amount of homework for this class is detrimental to my learning of the Spanish language because I am spending more time on the history homework than I do on the homework for my Spanish class, even though I came to Spain to learn Spanish. I am going to complete the assigned work and investigation, but for future classes, I believe the work level should either be explained earlier in the semester or decreased in amount.

Ben said...

I'm going to have to side with Quinn on this one. The paper is already a big enough task to undertake. I have more work in this class than my Spanish and Cinema classes combined. Furthermore, the reading in our class packet flat out sucks. It's so dry and boring that every sentence is a painstaking assault on my brain. I would recommend new reading material for future classes, and that the current workload diminishes. It would also help if the assignments were a little more interesting rather than lengthy responses to monotonous texts.

Johan said...

To who it all may concern,

I'm not in this class but would like to comment on the work load for Spain and the U.S. - The challenge of two democracies. I feel like amount of work required for us is excessive to say the least. It is going to be simply impossible for me to complete the investigation, the abstract, and the oral presentation within the next week and half considering I and everyone else has work in their other classes.

Jessica Lamm said...

Honestly, I don't feel that the workload for this class was any different than a typical college course at a university. I think that being college students, we should only expect work of this degree. And the comments about the reading being boring... First of all, every textbook in college is boring, and if you didn't want to learn about history, then you should have taken a different class. I think this attack on Jaime's class is unfair and childlike.